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859993 - Splitter (75ohm) F Connectors


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The Wilson 859993 signal splitter allows you to split the signal from an amplifier to up to 2 internal antennas with negligible signal loss. The splitter covers 700-2300MHz.

For all other Wilson amplifiers use the Wilson 859957 splitter.

This 2-way splitter allows you to drive two interior antennas from a single amplifier/repeater. Because you are splitting equally the signal each antenna will receive is 1/2 of the original signal. This equates to about 70% of the coverage distance when compared to driving a single antenna. You should use this splitter if the areas you wish to cover are approximately equal in area.

The splitter has F Female connectors. Typically a 2ft cable is used to connect the splitter to the amplifier. Any cable length can be used, but the total cable length in the system should be kept to a minimum to minimize attenuation.

Lengths of coaxial cable can then connect the splitter to the internal antennas.

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  • Manufactured by: Wilson Electronics

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